The collection found here is largely for my own purposes as I'm always losing these menu's myself.  I've tried searching for many of these on the internet but just couldn't find them.

Anyway, since I'm always losing these I though I would start scanning them in.  Since I'm doing that anyway, I thought I would also post them here for other's to find as well.  These won't be the most up-to-date as I'm only going to post new menu's as I visit the restaurants.  If nothing else it'll give you an idea of what is served at a particular place.

Also, if you have an RSS reader you could subscribe to this page with the link above to see when I post new menu's.

Slice of Italy
Bella Italia
Panda Garden
S & S Grilling and BBQ
China One
Hometown Pizza and Subs
Carini's Italian Restaurant

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