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Welcome to my website.  I'll be honest with you, there really isn't any reason for you to be here, but, seeing as you are, I'll try and make your stay somewhat worthwhile.

For starters you could click the Lyrics link above or simply click the word Lyrics in this sentence.  Funny enough, but believe it or not that'll take you to the Lyrics section.  I think this is the biggest reason that people visit here so I guess it's worth a look.  I don't have lyrics for every song in the world posted, just the songs I like or have researched the lyrics on.  I've just added the capability to preview the songs so that's something at least.  Also, you could check out the Doodles section.  Again, this isn't anything real special but, who knows, it might give you a chuckle.

Check out a few of my recent song purchases by hitting the play button on the widget to the right.  Below that are listed some of the latest deals on Amazon.  If those two things don't catch your interest, you can get to some other stuff by clicking on one of the tabs near the top.

Thanks again for visiting and please enjoy your stay.

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